The Finnish Technical Communications Society aims to promote the profession and the field of technical communication, enhance professional, national and international co-operation and provide training for both the members and non-members of the society.

Anyone who works in technical communication - writers, designers, translators, coordinators, illustrators, editors, managers, teachers, students and various others working in the area - can join the Society.

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Send us your memories of the society

The Finnish Technical Communications Society was founded on 27 August 1997,  which means we'll turn 20 next year. Technical communication in Finland has undergone multiple changes during these two decades, and the changes have left their mark in the society as well. 

The board of FTCS has decided to record the history of the society, and invites all current and former members to share your memories of the society with us. If you were one of the founding members, participated in the activities in the early years, or are an active member at the moment, we would like to hear from you. 

You can send us anything - text, photos, manuals from the "good old days", and so on. What was the profession like when the society was founded? How did the society work in the beginning? How have the activities changed? Why were the early activities important? What made you become an active member? What made you join the society? What were the local activities like, how did the board work? All this interests us. Send us your memories on what happened and when did it happen, who else was there, what role did you have in the event, and of course, your name. The younger members of the society do not know the environment surrounding the society during earlier years and would surely appreciate the context.

If you have photos, include as many details as possible with the photo. If you send paper photos, let us know if you want your photos back and include your contact information. We'll collect and archive all memories for our colleagues to come. Selected parts will be published in a publication celebrating our 20 year anniversary. 

Send us your memories by 31 December 2016 via e-mail at puheenjohtaja@stvy.fi. All languages are acceptable. You do not need to be a member of the society to participate. If you participate, you'll agree that the texts, photos and other material will be owned by the society.

For any questions or ideas regarding the celebration publication, contact us  at puheenjohtaja@stvy.fi.


Renewing the FTCS membership roster - please register yourself as a member

FCTS has started using FloMembers for maintaining our membership roster and billing. To get everyone's information up to date, please register yourself as a member on this page: https://www.flomembers.com/stvyry/members/application/createApplication.

This year we are not allowing the system to automatically invoice you after receiving a registration but our treasurer (me) will go press a button to send out the invoice. The sender address will be "Suomen teknisen viestinnän yhdistys ry (NOREPLY@floapps.com)" and the e-mail address "Suomen teknisen viestinnän yhdistyksen jäsenmaksu". If you have already paid your membership fee for 2016, please do fill in the registration form anyways - checking the payments is still manual so we can mark you as paid.

Questions? Send an e-mail to rahis@stvy.fi.

The society in social media

The  society's website aims to give the basic, static information about the profession and the society. Check out our social media accounts for the active discussion and news.







Training and conferences

As the fall gets here, many training opportunities are available. See our Conferences and Training page for a list of very interesting conferences!