Finnish Technical Communications Society

The Finnish Technical Communications Society (FTCS, usually known by its Finnish abbreviation STVY) aims to promote the profession and the field of technical communication, enhance professional, national and international co-operation, and provide training for both members and non-members of the society.

Anyone who works in technical communication – writers, designers, translators, coordinators, illustrators, editors, managers, teachers, students and various others working in the area – can join the society.

FTCS is a virtual society that has no premises of its own. We work in our members’ offices and cubicles. For our members we aim to arrange webinars, local events, and a larger seminar biannually. We have an active Facebook group for relaying news and jobs to our members.

We co-operate closely with the technical communications programmes at the Universities of Tampere, Vaasa and Oulu, and also with companies that are in the business or that hire technical communication professionals.

Society Spring meeting 31 May 2018

The FTCS Spring Meeting is held online at on Thursday, May 31 at 18:00.

You are very welcome to join in and hear the society news. You don’t need a Google account to participate, just click the link.

Spring meeting agenda:

  1. Opening of the meeting
  2. Election of chair of the meeting, secretary, two people to check the minutes and two people to count votes if needed
  3. Determine that the meeting has been called in accordance with society by-laws and can make binding decisions
  4. Approve meeting agenda
  5. Present society financial statement, annual report and auditor statement
  6. Approve the financial statement, and release the previous board from financial responsibility
  7. Discuss any other business suggested during the meeting

FTCS Board

The Society’s Fall Seminar at Tampere 1-2 November 2018

The Fall Seminar of the Finnish Technical Communication Society is held on 1-2 November at Tampere. For more details, check out the seminar’s own pages! Welcome!



We all share our personal data every day. #gdpr impacts also #techcomms. Today, it's STVY's chair Eeva Viljanen who introduces the principles to the attendees of the #tceurope #colloquium.

Teknisen viestinnän tulevaisuus: chatbotit ja IoT tulevat ensin, big data ja AR tulevat sitten. Välissä ovat taksonomia, metadata ja semantiikka. Mielipiteitä? #tekninenviestintä #viestintä #teknologia #tekniikat #tceurope #colloquium

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