About the society

The Finnish Technical Communications Society (FTCS, usually known by its Finnish abbreviation STVY) aims to promote the profession and the field of technical communication, enhance professional, national and international co-operation, and provide training for both members and non-members of the society.

Anyone who works in technical communication – writers, designers, translators, coordinators, illustrators, editors, managers, teachers, students and various others working in the area – can join the society.

The Board

Eeva Viljanen


Eeva is the chair of FTCS. Eeva has been an active member of the society for years and earlier held the role of treasurer. Eeva is very good in keeping the Board in order!

Laura Katajisto

webmaster & social media

Laura is currently the webmaster and social media key user of FTCS. Laura’s been an active member of the society since 2002 and has managed to hold the roles of chair, treasurer, chief editor for Näkymä, and oh-I’ll-just-do-it participant in many activities.

Pia Karasjärvi


Pia rounds up the Board as a Board member.

Tiia Suomivuori


Tiia rounds up the Board as a Board member.

Tiina Lähteenmäki

vice chair

Board member for longer than she can remember. This year also the vice chair, former editor of Näkymä and international delegate. Passionate photographer and bird lover.

Jenni Virtaluoto


Jenni is a long-time member of the society and usually ends up taking the notes in our Board meetings.

Suvi Isohella


Suvi acts as a treasurer for FTCS and has been a FTCS board member for several years. She has attended almost all STVY seminars since 1999.

Nick Hill


Nick’s been chairing FTCS for years, but is currently taking it slow by being “just” a regular Board member.